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Dynamic and Fluid Layout

‘Vrtuz’ offers the benefit of dynamic web-pages with a fluid layout to make it user friendly. A dynamic website is easier to maintain as it accesses information from a database. Thus, to update the content of the page, one only needs to make necessary changes in the database record. The fluid layout adjusts to user’s screen resolution as majority of components inside have percentage widths.

Work on every kind of platform- Mobile,Tablet,Laptop and Desktop

The idea of ‘Vrtuz’ is to provide a platform which can not only be accessed from a mobile phone, but also works well for a tablet, laptop or desktop. This offers convenience & ease for the users and they can perform their specific tasks, whether they are sitting on a desk with a traditional computer or standing in the lawn using a tablet for taking a video lecture.

Dynamic whiteboard with various tools and shapes

‘Vrtuz’ provides a Dynamic Whiteboard for educators which equips them with new & innovative ways to teach various concepts and make the lectures enjoyable for students. The learners can interact with the learning material through touching, drawing, or writing on the board. Students become attentive, they engage more in the classroom and as a result, the learning experience increases. The digital board is easy to use and requires no maintenance.

Document reader with marking tools

‘Vrtuz’ has a document reader with mark-up tools, to make the entire teaching and learning process easy. The marking tools allow the individuals to add comments to files with sticky notes, highlight specific text using different colours, put straight lines for underlining or striking out, and place certain shapes in the content. These tools are quick, easy and accurate to use for making the required modifications & changes in the content.

Multiple language support

‘Vrtuz’ offers multilingual support to optimize a user’s experience by localizing the teaching-learning process and putting an end to the communication & language barriers. The courses available on our platform are easily accessible and easy to translate, depending on their location or preferences. The users get a personalized experience and a complete solution for achieving their learning objectives. Moreover, both the teachers and students have a chance to become diverse and multicultural.

Share external video directly

Vrtuz’ offers the advantage of sharing an external video directly, in real time during the lectures. A human brain processes videos faster than texts, and thus tutors are emphasizing on video-based learning. Videos help in intuitive learning among students, as it adds life to the online classes and makes it effective and engaging. Moreover, this maximises retention and provides a practical learning experience to some extent.

Simultaneous screen usage by multiple users


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